Data Processing Consulting

Gather an immense amount of information every day through data processing

Your firm can have effective version control, smooth collaboration, better security, timeline, management, authentic backups, compliances, and reliable content, all with the means of data processing.

Other than that, your company will have improved performance with a progressing speed & accuracy, capacity storage, and ease in communication.   

Why is Data Processing important?

Cost Reductions

Unlike managing and maintaining paper documents, the cost of digitized processing is much less. Data processing reduces the expenditure on stationery such as photocopies, shipping cards, letterhead, and envelopes.

Ease of Making Reports

Processed data can be obtained and used directly and arranged appropriately, which helps executives make a quick analysis. Due to this, your firm can prepare reports at the double.

Speed & Accuracy

As companies go digital, they can process information within minutes. In the data processing process, the system itself checks and resolves errors or invalid data. This helps the company to ensure high accuracy in information management.

Trouble-Free Storage

It increases the storage for adding, modifying, and managing information. Data processing minimizes clutter and improves search efficiency by eliminating unnecessary paperwork.

Our Data Processing Services Includes

Forms Processing Services

At Amadico, the data processing unit is proficient at extracting applicable information from various forms. For example, surveys, faxes, and scanned images are some sources that our professionals can process data from. They can also add value to your decision-making by updating its output. It can be done manually or automatically which replaces the traditional methods

Order Processing Services

An accurate and seamless order processing system can ensure your success as a seller. We make it possible for you with our quick and precise order processing services.Our experts do a rundown on your individual needs and develop a reliable solution that enables you to sell more of your services and products.

Market Research Form Processing Services

With this service, we acquit you the task of extracting information via surveys and reflect on the result quickly.The Amadico team excels in processing market research data as they can extract valuable data from any file format.

Mailing List Compilation

For the success of a marketing campaign, an up-to-date and accurate mailing list is an absolute must. In addition, our mailing list compilation can strengthen the company to get the labor-intensive job done in a cost-effective process.Amadico's collaboration with your in-house team can compile comprehensive mailing lists accurately and quickly.

Data Deduplication Services

Duplicate data not only eats the organization's storage space but also leads to inconsistent results. You can get rid of all the duplicate entries and maintain a smooth sailing database with the help of our data deduplication services. We use the latest technology and processes to get rid of all the variabilities in your database.

Data Cleansing Services

With the use of the good effects on your images, one can leverage the marketing campaigns and other business development efforts. Our experts are well-versed with image enhancement tools and can boost the overall appeal of your images. We can handle large volumes of image data and give them your desired effects within a specific time frame.

Data Mining Services

The data mining team at Amadico works as the light to new unexplored aspects of your data. We use both conventional and experimental techniques like artificial intelligence (AI) to give you a new understanding of your data. As you set your requirements, our team shall process accordingly and identify the patterns in your data in the process.

Image Data Processing Service

A wrong business decision is commenced by the interpretation of information from a corrupt and inaccurate database entry. Our cleansing professionals reduce the business risk by systematically suppressing all the inconsistencies in your data.

Survey Processing Services

We offer the broadest range of survey data processing services to firms of any scale. Whether it is analyzing any given parameter or digitization of information, Amadico does it all for you. Our team uses the latest devices to process information from your survey, which can benefit your company with minimal risks.

Check Processing Services

Scanning business-critical information, extracting critical data electronic checks, validating checks and parcels are all part of our check processing services. We ensure dependable, accurate, and timely transactions of all your check payments at affordable rates.

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