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Digital marketing is the new course to promote your business using the different platform by reaching out targeted audience. your business needs online marketing solution that can lead generate more sales. Amadico Team offer an online marketing solution on a different platform and different techniques to reach an audience. We provide with the means to drive sales growth through organic search marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing and content strategy. We also work closely as online marketing consultants who will help to advise and build multi-channel internet marketing strategy.

As a business owner or marketing team, you will agree that digital marketing engagement in the company is widely becoming one of the most important marketing platforms that helps your business grow dramatically. No matter its startup or for an established company, as to clarify the functions, needs and the importance of the digital marketing. Amadico team will provide free web analysis and provide suitable consultation and develop best practice to reach target audience by using social platform or search engine optimization. evolving ever since our expert digital master having good experience who provides a level of quality services in all facets of digital marketing. We will help and use our experience to get your company on good rank with better SEO, but we don't just stop there, throughout an internet marketing campaign with us.

Create Market Segment

Amadico will work with your team that helps and stand out among your competitors towards all your leads that bring about the possibility revolution on sales growth.

Grow Your Sales

Amadico is deep learning on tools and techniques that bring your potential customers to find you in every online marketing platform.

Reach Out Your Audience

Amadico will research, Investigation and analysis the nature of your business and use tools and techniques that reach a particular audience who has interest in similar your product and services

Increase customers on your website with Organic Search with SEO

Keyword Research & Tracking

Understand your product and target audience with user behavior with suitable keywords.

Optimize Website Performance

Optimize your website performance and implement standard guideline and principle that could easily be rendering on clients devices that could generate bring up your traffic to the high rank.

Research, Improve and Auditing

Target new markets, obtain higher organic search rankings and create more audience that cares about similar product and services.

Increase your customers on your website with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC)

Improve, Customized Ads.

It has features to design, modify, test and optimize your advertisement to get it done the right.

Manage your Budgets

It's provided to evaluate traffic accroding to your estimate budget plan and goals.

Set up Direct Traffic

It helps to create immediate traffic and enable visitors to see and click and visit your website and purchase direct product services by creating an advertisement.

Social Media Advertisement

Promote your product and services with an effective way to the popular social platform with the best analytics, investigation way to target your audience. We help to provide API development facilities to collect information that needs to retarget & conversion tracking that build strong goals to reach specific users according to their interest. Social media we are specialist with Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn etc. We collect all information with advertisement and set up in one place and analysis proper way to retarget individuals customers.

Email Marketing

Collection of a large number of customers database utilizes and templating the product, services, and business activity that distribute the email facilities to reach a large number of the audience using email features. Amadico team will customize and develop own email marketing system that sends bulk email and tracking the reaches audience number with particular details to grow your business sales. Bulk email blast services help your business product and services to your existing customers and frequently update with email features about your business promotions and products to grow your business sales.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing allows your business communicate with single or multiple mobile users easily. Amadico Solution makes it easy to send using own portal allows you to communicate with single or multiple mobile users easily. It helps you to create advertisement campaigns, Upcoming sales, launching a product, update announcement, alert & notification etc. It helps to create simple way with an effective way to reach a targeted audience. Amdico team will enable SMS advertisement using your existing customer data with proper analysis and create targeting goals to reach individuals customers.

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