Using technology in healthcare over the years has led to better diagnosis, track record, and treatment of patients. The healthcare industry has had the most benefits by adopting technology than other sectors. Not only because it has helped in saving many lives but also improved the quality of life. At Amadico, we offer services to healthcare centers with the purpose of achieving its goal.

Services We Offer

Patient Administration System

The Patient Administration System (PAS) is considered the heart of many health systems as it is designed to capture nonclinical details and information about patients. Amadico assists you with such techniques as it is used to reduce paperwork, and patient information is captured in data. Since it is a fundamental system for day-to-day hospital management, it needs to be upgraded now and then. With PAS, the healthcare center can make appointments, bookings, discharge & transfer, patient admission, and waitlist management.

Electronic Medical Record (EHR)

EHR is a digital version of a patient's paper chart or clinical data. It makes information available instantly and securely to authorized users. While it contains the medical and treatment histories of the patient, EHR is built to go beyond standard clinical data. Amadico's guidance to your facility's EHR can have improved patient care, care coordination, diagnostics & patient outcomes, increased patient participation, cost savings, and practice efficiencies. We have expert knowledge and experience handling bulk data and analyzing it for the EHR to function smoothly.

Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS)

CDSS analyzes data and assists healthcare providers with crucial details on the patient's disease, and formulates the proper diagnosis. The system offers information to hospitals so that they can improve the quality of care of their patients. CDSS tools work as a reminder for preventive care and alert about potentially dangerous drug interactions. Some healthcare facilities even use CDSS to mark patients who were not adequately diagnosed or given the wrong medication dose. With Amadico's expertise, your facility can also implement or upgrade such alarming systems.


Implementing telehealth services will allow healthcare to connect with their long-distance patients and work as a platform to provide professional health-related education. This helps to maintain a good customer relationship as healthcare professionals can appoint themself to the patients virtually. With the help of Amadico, your facility can have its own communicating channel on the internet. However, you can also provide general information, for example, safety measures to take to prevent yourself from covid-19.


E-prescribing helps in making patient care more efficient as it streamlines the process of getting the prescription to the pharmacy, obtaining refills, and dispensing the medication. With this, the potential of losing prescriptions is eliminated as they are not given any hard copy. With the use of a mobile application as a prescription, which we at Amadico can create. It will also increase compliance and monitor it. E-prescription is also cost-saving, reduces readmissions, instant clinical alerts, and reduces pharmacist errors.

Artificial Intelligence

AI in healthcare has helped in a lot of ways, similar to how it benefits other industries. It helps to change clinical decision-making as it provides health practitioners with real-time and essential data that can be used to diagnose patients, manage population health, and plan treatments. With the use of AI comes the implementation of blockchain through which information is shared, which helps in the streamlining processes. Most importantly, AI assists in processing large data sets for diagnosis, improve clinical health data management, and helps in speeding drug developments.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality provides the ability to view the insides of a human body which is beneficial not only for the doctors but also the patients. Through VR, patients are shown their surgical plan by stepping into their specific 360° VR reconstruction of their anatomy & pathology. Our Amadico VR team can assist you in programming such systems in your Virtual Reality, which enhances understanding of the treatment and gain higher patient satisfaction.