Website Design and Development


Amadico is a professional leading company with vast experience in Website Design and Development. We provide web solutions with highly secure, reliable, flexible, and mobile-friendly development. Moreover, Amadico focuses on reusable development to minimize future business development risks. We are responsible for transforming business values to modern web technologies where single development can be distributed to all types of devices. Our developments meet high-end technology performances and solve current business complications

Up to 88% of the consumers visit the company’s websites before making a smart purchase of products and services. Hence, designing a unique website for your business builds a strong reputation in the wider consumer market and increases the opportunity to get your brand to the top in the global market.

Amadico has a large team of engineers who are proficient in delivering website solutions for your businesses. We design and develop Static Websites, Dynamic Websites, and E-commerce Websites based on your business needs. Our teams are passionate about contributing and delivering highly scalable development websites that can run in a huge target audience globally.

Responsive Designs

Amadico will approach suggestions for design and development that should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on device screen size, platform, and orientation. Our practice consists of mixed flexible grids and layout, images, and intelligent use of CSS media queries to work in all types of screen size devices that are available in the market.

SEO and Social Media

Amadico will arrange proper meta-tag and meta-descriptions with the appropriate content layout for websites that will help to improve organic search and natural search process. We ensure that our clients understand the major approach, which gives them benefits to improve website positions and rank higher in SEO. We define and suggest our clients have the standard social network sharing terms and principles with effective content and graphics to reach the large audience.


Amadico will provide suggestions for automating more resources with correct scaling and architecture implementation that can handle the increased traffic load. There can be an increased number of online users who can make different requests at the same time and in order to process their request, we provide scalable web application that can handle increased users and load without disrupting the end users.

Domain and Hosting

Amadico will help and support domain and hosting services as we have our own server and domain facilities. Our team will manage the server and backup plan to maintain the reliability and security of data and information. We also provide Free Website Design and Development package for a year with suitable domain and hosting services.

SSL and Security

Amadico team will advise on a security principle for applying SSL on your brand. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and clients specifically for a web server or a browser and mail server or a mail client. SSL allows secure transmission of sensitive information such as credit card number or any other important data.

Support & Update

Amadico will always stay connected with their customers and provide updates when necessary. We always share research and development knowledge to our customers to keep them updated. We make sure to perform a secure and reliable method for maintaining business goals. We support our clients and always respect the relationship between the two parties.