Website Design and Development

Amadico Company is a Professional leading company with vast experience in website design and development. We are providing Web solution with High Security, Reliable, Flexible and mobile-friendly development. We care about our responsibility to transform business value to modern web technology where can one development will distribute to all type of devices available on market. We develop with high-end technology to perform business activities and solve the current business problem.

Website Design is art to show identity and branding of your business. Your Business value into the global market is important it has to design unique that represents your business in the market. Our Solutions are identifying your business value and transform into digital world using updated technology. amadico has vast experience with a large team of a professional engineer are seeking an opportunity to serve in your business.

We design and develop such as static website, Dynamic website, an e-commerce website based on your business needs. Our team will work hard to deliver services as what you need.

Website design and development is part of our team passion and interest and same time our contribution will be on a highly scalable development that can run in the huge target audience in the global market. We focus security, integrity, scalable and reusable development to minimize future risk on your business development.

  • We listen to your ideas and we give you exciting ideas to your table.
  • We understand your business and suggest suitable content for SEO.
  • We design and focus mobile-friendly development
  • We have faced many challenges in past of our development to satisfy our clients.
  • We care longevity and support always as the backbone.
  • We have different expertise and knowledge engineer.
  • We do deep learning and research to bering solution into your door.
  • We support 365 Days and 24 Hours.
  • We offer cost-effective development.

Our Responsbility

Responsive Design

Amadico will approach that suggest design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on device screen size, platform and orientation. We practice consist of a mix of flexible grids and layout, images and intelligent use of CSS media queries that fix to works in all types of screen size device in the market.

Seo and Social Media

Amadico will help and arrange proper meta-tag and meta-descriptions with the proper content layout of the website will effective organic search and natural search process. We prefer to let our clients understand what are the major approach could benefit to bring into high rank in SEO and We define and suggest our clients have a standard social network sharing terms and principle with effective content and graphics to reach the large target audience.


AAmadico will help and support on scalability. More people are online to stand for the increased number of online users all making requests.Web application must be scalable that is able to process increasing numbers request. We advise, suggest automating more resources with correct scaling and architecture is in place and ready to handle the increased traffic load. We are your business growth as back-bond innovation care team.

Domain and Hosting

Amadico will help and support domain and hosting services. We have our Server and domain facilities. Our team will manage server and backup plan order to keep maintain reliable and secure data and information. We also provide with our website design and development package free of cost one-year domain and hosting services suitable for our packages

SSL and Security

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and clients. Specifically a web server and a browser or mail server and a mail client. Our team will advise on security principle to apply SSL on your business brand. SSL allows sensitive information like credit card number and important data are transmitted securely.

Support & Updates

Amadico will always stay with our customers and suggest updates. As we all know technology is frequently needs an update. It's always going advance better than before. We always give our research and development knowledge to our customer to stay update and perform more secure and reliable way to maintain business goals. We support and care our clients and sustainable reletionship between two parties.

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