Transform your business into a Digital Innovation

Amadico is a software development company that tackles the power of cognitive computing, cloud, AI, machine learning, blockchain, and various other emerging technologies with the goal of helping our clients switch and adapt to the digital world.

Founded in 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Amadico's vision is to create digital solutions of all types regardless of size and industry. In 2019, Amadico launched its branch in Kathmandu, Nepal, and similarly, in 2020, we launched our third branch in Nevada, USA.

Amadico's primary goal is to enable our clients to achieve their digital wants and needs by delivering a high-level customer experience. Such feeds are accomplished by utilizing innovative digital options along with improving productivity. In addition, we provide end-to-end outsourcing services for our clients.

Our team of professional engineers, developers, content creators, and marketing specialists are here to move your business forward by enhancing and improving it. We have a nonflexible standard of ultimate quality to provide all types of IT, digital solutions, resource development, and creating opportunities.



How we work with out clients?

Experts in business process management

Our team of professionals are experts in smart processes and technology with a well-versed understanding of the global market. Furthermore, we are capable of maintaining good relationships with our customers as we prioritize in understanding their business values and ensure in meeting the standards.

Work and Responsibilities

Our success is measured through sustainable development and client satisfaction, which is our top priority, obtained by delivering quality work successfully. In addition, we are able to work more professionally by understanding our responsibilities towards society, community, employees, and clients.

Working Culture and Environment

Apart from business and job scope, Amadico also focuses on work culture and environment as it significantly influences employees. We spread positivity in our workplace by respecting each other and by creating a friendly & collaborative work environment. Furthermore, we motivate our employees for their success and growth by increasing productivity along with providing work flexibility.

Our Team

As our team of experts has worked in different industries, we have vast experience in information technology and software development. New experiences and challenges for self-growth and improvement is our focus. Our team is always in deep learning to find better solutions to improve your business problems. As we work with different talented individuals worldwide, there are no limitations to what Amadico has to offer.