Data Migration

Migrating your data to a much-improved location or system will benefit the entirety of your business.

Data is the salient and paramount element that drives the success and fortunes of any enterprise. It sways the essential aspects of planning and strategizing stages while playing a vital role in optimizing processes.

Data has changed immensely with time in terms of nature, quantity, and quality in this day and age. Due to which companies are compelled to migrate to more modern and advanced data processing systems.

Our Data Migration Services Includes

Maintenance of the entire system

After a while, data undergoes degradation, making it unreliable. Amadico helps maintain the data quality via various tools such as Oracle Data Service Integrator, Microsoft SQL, Clover ETL, and Alooma.

Upgrade Databases

Amadico helps in identifying & resolving bugs, internal errors, and other technical issues as soon as possible, reducing the downtime. Therefore, the source data needs to undergo a complete audit to avoid unexpected problems.

Establishing A New Data Warehouse

Finding a new storage system for your data is always challenging to complete if not assisted by an expert. Our professionals at Amadico helps in identifying and establishing a new data warehouse suitable for your company.

Integration Of New Data

Amadico assists in the collection of large data from sources outside of the organization in a systematic manner before shifting things to a new system or data warehouse.


We provide solutions in tracking and reporting on data quality, enabling your company to understand data integrity better. In addition, Amadico ensures accountability for all the data assets across the organization.

Strategy Suggestion

Lastly, we offer solutions by assisting your company in opting for a suitable data migration strategy. Our experts are well versed in effective techniques like Big Bang migration and Trickle migration. 

We Provide Solutions In All Forms Of Data Migration

Amadico Cloud Migration
Cloud Migration

Amadico has tons of experience with cloud migration as we even provide solutions and assistance regarding the form of migration. We guide your firm in moving your data and other essential business elements from one data center to the cloud or from one cloud to another.

Amadico Application Migration
Application Migration

As Amadico is well engaged with applications, we help migrate your data from one app to the modern environment. We provide solutions in overcoming the challenges posed by shifting to a new environment as applications are built to run on a particular operating system for a specific network

Amadico Storage Migratio
Storage Migration

Our support will help your organization is moving into a more modern data storage system from an outdated one. It offers cost-effective scaling by enhancing the performance of your firm. Our team is used to both offline and online forms of storage migration and practical with the ETERNUS controllers.

Amadico Database Migration
Database Migration

Amadico helps in connecting and transferring your data from one source to another database. This benefits the company by making it cost effective and also to have more storage space since in the present digital world, bulk data is better saved to another database rather than the cloud or the internet.

Our Data Migration Services Includes

  1. Customer satisfaction is our topmost importance as we provide our clients with custom-tailored services.
  2. Since we have already worked on many data migration projects, we are able to provide proper expertise with less time consumption
  3. Our company looks in providing the right solution with the use of proper methodology in order to sort your issues.
  4. We believe in collective and collaborative teamwork for better performance and outcomes.
  5. We provide exquisite services to you and your company.

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