Cloud Migration

Our team ensures that your data and software are securely and flawlessly migrated and integrated entirely with your new cloud infrastructure.

Migrate and Scale Up your Business with Cloud Computing

Data modernization is one of the major reasons why companies are shifting towards cloud computing. Effective business decisions by executives mostly rely on a stream of insight based on data mining, exploration, and prediction. Cloud is an essential element for modernizing the companies’ data platforms and with cloud migration, your company can attain benefits ranging from cost-saving and minimizing risk to improving agility and scalability.

What Amadico Offers?

Here at Amadico, a digital solutions company, we manage migrating legacy systems to cloud computing and help in digitizing companies. We actively provide services associated with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Digital Oceans. Our team ensures that your data and software are securely and flawlessly migrated and integrated entirely with your new cloud infrastructure.

Additionally, we also offer consultation on Cloud Migration Strategies of moving data, and applications from an enterprise on-premises system to the cloud, or moving those components from one cloud service environment to another through successful operation and implementation.

Enhance Scalability and Growth

Accelerate your business with the scalibility and grow your business.

Enable Digital Transformation

Transform your business into Digital Innovation.

Increase Business Agility

Adapt to the changing market and escalate your business.

Improved Integration and Compatibility

Compatible with the changing environment and integrate with the systems.

Why choose AMADICO TEAM?

We actively work with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, IBM, and Ali Baba Cloud.

Microsoft Azure

A major advantage of Azure for enterprises is the ease of moving Windows applications to Azure Cloud and its high compatibility with .NET software framework. It provides a consistent platform that helps in easy mobility between on-premises and the public Cloud. It also provides a broader range of hybrid connections including VPNs, caches, CDNs, and ExpressRoute connections for improved usability and greater performance. 

Google Cloud

Organizations are taking advantage of Google technology advances where the AI and machine learning are seamlessly integrated into the Google Cloud. Google Cloud has strategic partnerships with leading open source-centric companies in data management and analytics which allow for the seamless integration of such into Google Cloud. This makes it easy for enterprise customers to build and use apps in the public Cloud.


Amazon Web Services encompasses hundreds of servers located across different zones and regions around the world and offers multi-region backups that provide affordable and easy ways to store critical information in multiple locations. AWS is a versatile platform that provides the right tools for disaster recovery plans and backups.  

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean delivers the best CPU performance per dollar for an easy, fast, and flexible cloud computing. It provides features where small businesses can scale up with free master node, inexpensive bandwidth and being able to run on more servers that you’re already paying for. It has S3-compatible object storage with a built-in CDN that makes scaling easy, reliable, and affordable. Businesses can also make use of droplets, an important feature that allows businesses to enter the market quickly without the hassles


Some of the biggest enterprises use IBM’s cloud service since they provide cloud suite tools that help businesses solve unique problems in the industry. IBM Cloud deploys VMware workloads for a seamless hybrid cloud experience, leveraging both virtual and/or bare metal configurations. It also provides an unlimited private network bandwidth for all servers and unlimited inbound public bandwidth on all cloud servers.

Alibaba Cloud

Ali Baba Cloud has a wide range of services and product portfolio where it offers services in the advancement of Internet of Things (IOT) technology, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence. Ali baba cloud has comprehensive security & compliance solutions. It provides high scalability, hybrid capability, high-performance, and elastic computing power in the cloud. Data sorting technology, anti-DDoS protection, and processing of transactions per second are primary strengths. Alibaba is a cost-effective solution for all types of businesses.

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