E-commerce Solution

Grow your business and excel in the Digital Market

In today's digitally advanced world, eCommerce is the next big thing for most businesses. To keep it short, eCommerce is buying and selling of products via the internet.

Along with our various services, we at Amadico also offer eCommerce solutions. We believe that it should be well-versed and adequately put into place to make it easier for both of us to understand and reach the targeted goal.

Solutions We Provide

Opensource E-Commerce Development

We provide software that can be modified and enhanced according to the client's requirements. It allows your digital platform to have more longevity, flexibility and easily accessible to the public depending on your business.

Custom E-Commerce Platform Development

This service is more applicable for a firm's online store/shops. It is a powerful and structured process of creating a digital shopping platform that shares the same benefits as the service mentioned above, including a wider reach.

Payment Gateway Integration

Other than just handling an online platform, Amadico also provides online payment services for the particular website. Having a sole transaction channel is always a plus point to your firm as it is adjustable and workable.

Designing Own Branding Themes

A company's digital floor should always be easily accessible and outlined in an attractive style. Our agency offers some of the best designs based on the specified theme, which shall be customer friendly and have the aspect of uniqueness.

3rd Party Apps Integration

The addition of external data to an existing project via multiple Application Program Interfaces is the basic definition for a 3rd party integration. It allows building solutions in a shorter period by using the existing components rather than starting from scratch.

SEO And Marketing

Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role on the internet and is even regarded as one of the critical components of eCommerce. SEO works in getting your website more views with the use of keywords. It helps in increasing the quantity and quality of the traffic of your website.

E-Commerce Strategy

Amadico also provides eCommerce strategies that operate to reach more customers to achieve the client's overall goal

Inventory Management

This is the function of understanding the stock mix of a company and the process of ordering, storing, and knowing the different demands on the stock.

Customer And Shipping Management

Our agency helps its client understand and manage the customer relationship through the data collected from the software, which can also be used as a system for shipping purposes.

Cash Management

The cash management system we offer is designed for handling and managing your cash from end to end. It benefits your business with lower costs, higher accuracy, and saves time.

What Amadico Promises

Sticking with the eCommerce solutions, our agency offers fresh and professional web designs and development for all forms of businesses. Our first-rate team guarantees to handle the eCommerce platform's overall outlook and ensure your business's growth in the global market.

Your business shall reach its desired target with our guidance and corporation as we will be giving our 100% throughout the process. Amadico functions and operates on all eCommerce-related issues and comes up with the best solutions.

We operate by maintaining good relations with our clients and also believe in the term of working "hand-to-hand." Our team of experts is well informed and follows the proper guidelines to satisfy our clients.

Amadico believes in assisting its customers to reach their assigned missions effectively & efficiently.

Benefits Of E-Commerce 

  1. Massive reach with no boundaries
  2. Business to business transactions
  3. Global Growth
  4. Digital Transformation
  5. Faster buying process
  6. Several payment modes
  7. Affordable advertising and marketing
  8. Cost Reductions

Through our eCommerce solution services, not only shall your business achieve such benefits but also exceed its targeted mission.

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